Easier ID Amps Up Potential for Power-Generating Bacteria

A new process for identifying bacteria that can produce electricity has been created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Certain types of bacteria living in oxygen-deprived environments like lake bottoms and deep mines have developed a unique type of breathing. It involves excreting and pumping out electrons. This makes them capable of… Read More

Understanding Net Zero Energy in Wastewater Treatment

Water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) are among the most common pieces of municipal infrastructure. It’s accepted practice for communities of all sizes to treat wastewater in some way before returning it to the environment. As the worldwide focus on issues like water quality and waterborne diseases has increased, so has the attention being paid to… Read More

The Benefits of 2nd Generation ATP for a Manager

In a previous post, we described some of the ways that LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP testing can be used to help operators and field technicians by delivering rapid microbiological water quality data for immediate action. In this entry, we look at how it can be used to help supervisors and managers better allocate their resources,… Read More

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