Alex Boyd
Alex just finished his 3rd year in chemical engineering at the University of New Brunswick and has been involved with the applications team at LuminUltra this term on co-op. In his role, he has conducted experiments for new possible products, done validations for various clients and performed data analysis. Following graduation, Alex is looking to expand his interests in sustainable energy development while striving to obtain his P. Eng. When unconfined from the engineering building, he spends his time playing pick-up hockey, golfing, kayaking and chasing waterfalls (literally).

The Overlooked Importance of Calibrating Your Enzyme

  One of the major benefits of LuminUltra’s 2nd generation ATP monitoring over existing technology (i.e. ATP pens) is the normalization of enzyme activity. At the microbiological level, knowing how active the enzyme is at the time of testing offers significant benefits for both data collection and analysis. Given this, LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP test… Read More

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