Casey Oliver
Casey Oliver is a Water Treatment Consultant with Thornton, Musso, and Bellemin, and is based in Pensacola, Florida. Her experience in the water treatment industry ranges widely from drinking and waste water, cooling, and boiler water treatment. As a former math and science educator, she is well acquainted with the world of data analysis and problem solving - a skill that’s prepared her well when working closely with her customers. Casey’s B.A. is in Education from the University of West Florida and her Master of Science degree is in Aeronautical Science with a Space Studies Specialization from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Her graduate research project involved the water reclamation system on the International Space Station. When she isn’t solving problems, Casey is outdoors exploring what nature has to offer.

The Microbes Lurking at The Fitness Center

  From editor: Casey Oliver, guest blogger and one of our valued customers, proves that microbes can lurk anywhere – including the gym. Casey ran DSA tests (LuminUltra’s Deposit & Surface Analysis) on the equipment at her local gym and the results are interesting. Turns out that sweaty people handling equipment is an ideal breeding… Read More

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