Peta Thiel
Peta founded Research Laboratory Services in 2002 after working as a Chemist on site at a drinking water treatment plant in Queensland, Australia. Peta’s BSc (Chemistry) combined with the practical operation and hands on analysis of both full scale and pilot scale water treatment plants fostered her passion for research and development, particularly in treatment technologies such as ozone and activated carbon filtration. Research Laboratory Services is a small team of dedicated professionals that conduct biological activated carbon (BAC) aging profiles for all the full scale plants in Australia and New Zealand.

Investigating biomass density in biological activated carbon media with 2nd Generation ATP

  Editor’s note: This post was authored by one of our clients – Research Laboratory Services (RLS). They are a research, consultancy, and laboratory testing service provider based in Melbourne, Australia with offices in the USA and New Zealand. With over 20 years of experience in the portable and wastewater treatment industries, RLS specializes in… Read More