Why customers choose LuminUltra?

During ship inspections of ballast water, Port State Control (PSC) use our test kit to achieve rapid and accurate results without unduly delaying ships. Ships use our approved and reliable solutions onboard to self-monitor their ballast water by testing a sample prior to arriving in port for inspection.

Benefits of B-QUA include:

  • It’s efficient – our test kit covers all three of the standards set out in the regulation – no other single kit does that.
  • Versatile – can be used after treatment and again before the de-ballasting process to ensure efficacy.
  • It’s accurate – measures all viable and living microorganisms.
  • Rapid results – perform test for compliance in less than an hour means no holdup in ports.
  • Convenient on-board analysis – no need to take back to the lab.
  • Solution includes support & training from knowledgeable, scientific staff.
  • We offer PSC inspectors training.

Featuring Publications

  • Journal of Sea research – Bradie J et al. (2017) A shipboard comparison of analytic methods for ballast water compliance monitoring.
  • Journal of Sea research – Lo Curto A et al. (2017) Ballast Water compliance monitoring: a new application for ATP.
  • Journal of Sea research – Lo Curto A et al. (2017) Detection of UV-treatment effects on plankton by rapid analytic tools for ballast water compliance monitoring immediately following treatment

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