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Greg Hood
Greg has had a diverse 20+ year career, but Oil & Gas microbial solutions has been Greg’s focus for the past 13 years. He has had the opportunity to conduct bacteria audits as well as develop monitoring and mitigation strategies at onshore and offshore production facilities all over the world. A diverse background in field technical support, marketing and sales provides a unique approach to solving problems. When it’s not too hot in Texas, Greg enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors with his family.

Most Wanted Microbes – Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB)

  While sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) are widely known as a major cause of MIC in carbon steel, other bacteria with different physiological properties have been identified as potential contributors in the corrosion process as well.  Iron reducing bacteria (IRB), for example, are heterotrophic facultative anaerobes which reduce ferric ions to ferrous ions under anaerobic… Read More

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