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EXMAR Ship Management Opts For LuminUltra to Verify Quality of Onboard Drinking Water

Belgium-headquartered EXMAR Ship Management has selected the LuminUltra Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) test kit to monitor the quality of the drinking water produced onboard the LPG FSO NKOSSAII.

The decision follows the success of the QGA solution in analysing the quality of the water produced by reverse osmosis aboard accommodation barges operating offshore West Africa.

Paul-Philippe Halleux, who is a Technical Superintendent from EXMAR Ship Management’s Offshore Services division, commented: “We cannot emphasise enough the importance of testing the quality of our drinking water on a regular basis. We produce drinking water through reverse osmosis and with some of our accommodation barges operating offshore Africa we do not have the time to wait for onshore laboratories to test the samples.

“As a shipmanager, we are responsible for health and safety of all the people onboard our vessels. Even though regulations require bacterial testing only twice a year, we prefer to carry out water quality tests every week. For us the best way of assessing whether water is safe is to use LuminUltra’s portable test kit onboard. The results are available within minutes, so we know immediately if the water is fit for human consumption.”

The QGA test kit has been in constant use over the past four years aboard EXMAR Offshore Services’ 450 POB barge Nunce and the 300 POB Wariboko. The LPG FSO NKOSSA II will be equipped with the kit later this month and the company is considering its use aboard LNG and LPG vessels.

Pat Whalen, LuminUltra Technologies’ President & CEO, said: “We are delighted that EXMAR Offshore Services has selected the LuminUltra QGA water test kit for additional use in its fleet. Regular potable water testing is vital to prevent any risk of infection from water-borne pathogens, thereby ensuring the well-being of seafarers, offshore workers and guests onboard.”

Using a single analysis based on the measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) provides a rapid and interference-free determination of total microbiological concentration in any filterable water sample with a wide detection range.

Designed for low-solids, low-biomass concentration applications, the speed and portability of the QGA kit enables tests from many points in a water generation system to detect elevated microbial growth levels in real-time. Results are available in under five minutes.

Anna Whittaker, LuminUltra Technologies Regional Sales Manager – Europe, said: “Drinking water standards are heavily regulated by the World health Organisation, and in 2006, the Maritime Labour Convention introduced guidelines [Standard A3.2] aimed at maintaining the quality of drinking water onboard ships. In the case of accommodation barges, SOLAS recommends that drinking water is tested for bacteria just twice a year, although other tests are more frequent.”

Ms Whittaker added: “Shoreside, water samples are routinely analysed to determine the type and concentration of microbes present. Rapid bacteriological water analysis gives us access to critical data, making it possible to identify trends and proactively address concerns. In the past years, LuminUltra have developed three monitoring kits for the marine industry. LuminUltra has already developed three monitoring kits for the marine industry. Now, using the same equipment, operators are able to check ballast water, drinking water and fuel quality in minutes.”

About LuminUltra

LuminUltra is a global leader in microbial monitoring solutions that deliver real-time feedback on microbiological content. Founded in 2003, the Canada-based company serves customers in the industrial, municipal, maritime and oil and gas sectors via sales network partners operating around the world. Its rapid microbiological test kits, equipment and analytical software solutions are used in the drinking water, wastewater, ballast water and manufacturing industries. InstantLabs, a LuminUltra company, is a global molecular diagnostics company focused on building next-generation DNA-based analysis tools and services for industry.

About EXMAR Ship Management

EXMAR Ship Management is a successful and innovative maritime and offshore asset management business.

EXMAR Ship Management’s know-how and innovative approach towards crewing, commissioning, operating and maintaining specialized vessel and barge-based maritime infrastructure enables its people to partner with asset owners in a rather unique way compared to a traditional customer relationship between a ship owner and ship management services provider.

Dedicated teams manage fully refrigerated and pressurized carriers trading LPG, petrochemicals and ammonia from the hostile conditions of the North Sea to the seasonal stormy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They supply energy grids with 24/7 quayside LNG regasification on vessels in the heat of Dubai and Port Qasim. They convert conventional LNG carriers to Floating Storage Units (FSU) fit for freezing temperatures. ESM crews, operates and provides logistical support to an FSO and remote offshore barges accommodating oil and gas workers in the risk-bound Gulf of Guinea and has entered the specialized field of oceanographic offshore vessel management. It will shortly operate the world’s first barge-based floating liquefaction unit.

EXMAR Ship Management is diversifying its fleet under management and its multinational crew’s skill sets. ESM manages a fleet of bulk liquid carriers transporting highly sensitive cargoes of fresh and concentrated fruit juice around the world. Its Indian subsidiary manages a fleet of bulk vessels. ESM has also recently added an LNG bunkering vessel and a fleet of LPG inland vessel barges to its crew management portfolio.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Wheater

PR Director

Seaborne Communications


Tel: +44 (0) 208 339 6149

Carine Magdo

Business Development Manager,

Ballast Water Monitoring Solutions


Tel: +1 506 459 8777

Mobile: +33 6 11 77 52 72

Ariane Saverys

Corporate Coordination

EXMAR Ship Management


Tel: + 32 3 247 5011

Carine Magdo

Carine comes to LuminUltra with extensive knowledge in biology, the water treatment technical/systems field, and the global marine industry - making her our resident expert on ballast water monitoring. This knowledge, along with being a member of the new ISO standard for ballast water sampling and analysis, makes her an invaluable resource to shipping companies and Port Authorities as they navigate new regulations around ballast water sampling and testing.

When she’s not on a plane travelling across countries on business or pleasure, she’s riding her horse “Azura” and fulfilling the role of VP of an Equestrian Tourism Association, in the Yvelines in France.

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