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Finding the better way to do it
[Series 5/7]


Innovate or die – this is a quote (originally from Peter Drucker, credited as the “founder of modern management”) that you see or hear in everything from movies to motivational posters to editorials these days.  Our civilization has never witnessed innovation at the rate that we see today, as demonstrated by the rapid rise of disruptive entities like Facebook or Apple and the fall of giants like Kodak or Blockbuster.

Innovation can come in many forms.  It can be in the form of a new product, an improved product, the repurposing of an old product in a new way, or just good old-fashioned reframing or rethinking of a problem.  At LuminUltra, we aspire to innovate in all of these ways.  In fact, our beginnings were quite modest in that we took an existing method in the ATP test and re-engineered it to work in new applications.  However, we did not stop there – we knew that a requirement for success was to re-frame the questions that we were asking about microbiological contamination and to provide practical and accurate answers to those questions.

This is why we have delved into the world of education and software – because the most rapid innovation occurs when you take a cornerstone tool and figure out how to apply it consistently and purposefully in a multitude of markets and applications.  Over the coming years you will see our Academy and Cloud platforms grow exponentially in the value they provide.

Don’t worry – we will continue to innovate new products too, whether ourselves or through our partner companies!


Pat Whalen

Pat has worked his entire adult life to bring LuminUltra to where it is today. When he is not jetting around the world providing hands-on support to LuminUltra’s extensive roster of sales partners and customers, he is constantly refining LuminUltra’s strategy to deliver more value from its solutions. Having come from a family of engineers, he is a consummate problem solver who has written dozens of technical papers, patents and other published works. In the rare circumstance that Pat is not focused on advancing LuminUltra, he volunteers his time on not-for-profit boards and entrepreneur coaching.

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