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Innovation Is All Around Us


Many people who read through news articles, especially in the water industry, will understand me when I say it seems that only negative things are happening. Flint is in a water crisis, brain eating amoebas are making people sick, and lots of people are under boil-water advisories. These stories are very important to help us understand what is going on in the world, but I thought it would be nice to look at some of the positive and innovative things happening within the water industry to help make your day a little better.

As many of you know, LuminUltra is innovative when it comes to monitoring the quality of water, as evidence with our 5-minute test to determine microbial activity within water samples. However, the innovators who I want to bring up today are those who are looking at making water available in areas where it may not be accessible year-round.

I was reading through some articles and came across this one written by Ben Schiller. The article talks of Justin Sonnett and Chris Matthews who have been developing the SAROS desalination buoy since their final year design project at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. In short, this buoy uses the power of ocean waves to desalinate water. This allows fresh water to be available to coastal regions and remote islands where desalination is unavailable. This innovative project can be utilized within coastal communities, however what if they are land locked?

That is where the WaterSeer comes in. This device – developed by VICI-Labs in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the Nation Peace Corps Association – will take moisture from the air with the use of a hexagonal fan and collect it within a vessel underground. It can produce up to 11 gallons of water per day and requires no electricity to use. Water can then be removed from the vessel with the use of a hand pump. I came across this innovative project by reading an article written by Derek Markham.

As you can see innovation is all around us. These are just a couple in a sea of millions of people and ideas working hard to mark our lives better. I hope you enjoyed learning about these innovative ideas as much as I did. Just remember, as the world grows, don’t forget the little things.


Adam Barnett

Adam hails from Nova Scotia but now calls Fredericton home, after completing his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. Coincidentally – or was it? - he met our Director of Sales - Dave Tracey - who was the industrial mentor in Adam’s senior industrial plant design project. Dave was so impressed he hired Adam right out of school. When he’s not working or playing on the company beach volleyball team, he can be found on the basketball court, hunting for waterfalls, or playing the Legend of Zelda.

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