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Study finds industrial water needs to be used more efficiently


An interesting report came out recently from financial analysis firm, Barclays. Along with the Columbia Water Center (CWC), the company was looking at the future of industrial water usage in the United States. Specifically, how large-scale water users can impact potential water scarcity through improved water efficiency practices. The report concluded that $1 trillion will need to be invested in US water infrastructure investments by 2030. That’s one thousand billion dollars being directed at water efficiency in the US alone over the next 13 years.

As a bank and investment house, Barclays was trying to highlight potential investment opportunities in the evolving field of industrial water efficiency technology. As a research unit of Columbia University, the CWC’s interest focused on understanding causes of water scarcity.

The report recognizes that utilities, through hydroelectric generation, and the agriculture sector account for a large percentage of industrial water use. It states that greater efficiency can be achieved through technological advances in reduction and reuse but also that water used to generate power and grow crops is often returned to the water cycle.

The report doesn’t treat the oil and gas sector so kindly. Natural gas extraction and crude oil refining can be water-intensive and often the wastewater from these processes can’t easily be returned to nature. It’s here that Barclays and the CWC see room for improvement in water use reduction and recycling levels. The report also indicates that as more and more petroleum producers ramp up re-use efforts, opportunity for technological investment will also increase.

At LuminUltra we understand the importance and value of water resources. We work with clients in the oil and gas business every day. It’s our business to help them manage water assets in the most efficient way possible. Our leading edge monitoring products and support give our customers reliable and accurate information regarding the microbiological content of their process water.


LuminUltra Team

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