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Study Highlights Changes to Surface Water Supplies


From editor:

We know it’s happening, but now we can see it.  Google Earth and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre teamed up to reveal how the world’s surface water has changed over the last 30 years.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture…

An interesting study related to surface water was just published in the journal Nature. The study, conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre with assistance from Google, set out to describe in detail how the Earth’s supply of surface water has changed over the last three decades.

The researchers looked at all the available satellite imagery, over three million pictures of the planet, taken since 1984. Then, using Google Earth, they created a series of time-lapse maps that show in detail how our planet’s surface water supply has changed over time. The study showed some pretty alarming things, including:

  • 52% of the world’s permanent surface water is found in North America. Only 9% is found in Asia.
  • 90,000 km2 of permanent surface water has been lost. Five countries account for most of that loss – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • The western United States has lost 6000 km2 of surface water.
  • Many of the new bodies of surface water found on the images are dam headponds and glacier meltwater lakes.

While the study didn’t address the causes behind the changes to surface water reservoirs, it certainly highlighted the vulnerability of the world’s water supply.

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LuminUltra Team

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