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Water Calculation Tools


There are many water use resources available on the internet. At LuminUltra, we work in the water microbiology field, but we also pay attention to what’s going on in the larger world of water. We’ve come across some neat sites over time, so today we present this list of online water calculation tools:

  • Water footprint calculator – This site is a real eye-opener if you’re curious about how much water it actually takes to run your daily life. It’s comprehensive and really drills down to some activities that require water that you may not consider when thinking about water consumption.
  • Hydration Calculator – Quick and easy quiz to find out if you are drinking enough water.
  • Brewing Water Chemistry Calculator – Home brewing is an increasingly popular hobby. If it’s something you’re into or considering getting into, this site might help.
  • Water Budget Tool – This calculator put out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States helps measure landscape water usage. This site could help anyone looking to reduce or eliminate the water used to maintain lawns and gardens.
  • Agriculture Water Calculator – This one is administered by the British Columbia Agriculture Department. It’s a useful tool in coming up with the amount of water needed to maintain crops or livestock.
  • Drip Calculator – Another eye-opener. This site will tell you how much water actually goes down the drain because of a leaky faucet.
  • Water Risk Monetizer – This site is designed to help businesses determine water costs and anticipate risks associated with water availability. It does require the user to set up an account.
  • Moisture Calculator – Handy tool to determine relative humidity.

We’d also add our own tool – LuminUltra Cloud – into the mix of useful resources. Using the app, you can input data of any type through Bluetooth connection, spreadsheet import or simply typing on your phone. LuminUltra Cloud allows you to organize your data according to specific sites, complete with GPS-tagged sample locations, and set up scheduled workflows to share with your colleagues.

Our goal is to help you better manage your water. Try one of these online tools today to see if there’s a match for you.


LuminUltra Team

Founded in 1995, LuminUltra is a global leader in applied molecular biology diagnostics, with solutions and services that deliver accurate and actionable feedback in bioprocessing, biofouling, and biosecurity applications. With operations in six countries, LuminUltra serves dozens of Fortune 500 customers across more than 100 countries. At the same time, LuminUltra fosters a culture of innovation and agility, working tirelessly to deliver more value to customers. In recent years it has been on an accelerated growth path, acquiring multiple companies after forming a partnership with XPV Water Partners.  

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