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Working together for mutual success
[Series 3/7]


In today’s world, the only time you are truly disconnected is when you are on an airplane without Wi-Fi or when you are sleeping.  We are so deeply interconnected on so many levels that it is sometimes hard to tell where one individual ends and another begins.  Regardless of your views on this topic, the importance of strong communication is undeniable given how interdependent we have all become.

At LuminUltra, we are constantly striving to find the best balance of communication and community engagement that we can possibly achieve.  We re-launched our monthly newsletter in 2016, and added to it a collection of industry-relevant news in addition to our own original content.  We have collectively made the commitment to creating that original content and posting as frequently as possible on our blog and via our social media channels.  Our two most recent platform launches – Academy & Cloud – are very community-focused insofar as transmitting knowledge to the industry and supporting our customers.

We cannot rely solely upon digital communication.  We are doubling-down on our commitment to face-to-face and voice communication, and you should expect to hear from our team more frequently to ensure your continued satisfaction.  You can also expect to hear from our product management team to solicit any feedback that you may be willing to provide to make our solutions and service that much better.

Our aim is to be available when you need us, whether personally or through our engagement platforms.  We will always welcome your feedback and ask that you stay in touch with us!


Pat Whalen

Pat has worked his entire adult life to bring LuminUltra to where it is today. When he is not jetting around the world providing hands-on support to LuminUltra’s extensive roster of sales partners and customers, he is constantly refining LuminUltra’s strategy to deliver more value from its solutions. Having come from a family of engineers, he is a consummate problem solver who has written dozens of technical papers, patents and other published works. In the rare circumstance that Pat is not focused on advancing LuminUltra, he volunteers his time on not-for-profit boards and entrepreneur coaching.

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