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The World’s Diminishing Clean Water Supply


The world is running out of fresh water. It would be easy to believe that statement if you read the news even occasionally. Droughts seem like a regular occurrence. Just by scanning through recent events, we see Los Angeles and the rest of California struggling to overcome a years-long drought that’s seriously affected agriculture and related businesses.


Even a place we don’t typically associate with arid conditions like Nova Scotia is not immune. Environment Canada says it is the first time since rainfall data has been recorded that this region has experienced this kind of dry spell. Other parts of the planet, including South Africa, Brazil, North Korea, and Puerto Rico don’t seem to be faring any better; North Korea is facing its worst drought in a century and Sao Paulo is running on emergency water reserves while Brazil experiences its worst drought in 50 years.

There are technologies that can help to “create” fresh water. Desalination has been around for a long time but it’s energy intensive. Also, there’s the question of what to do with the salty brine that desalination plants pump out as a byproduct. As this article discusses, new advances in renewable energy and supporting technologies may make desalination more attractive for places in desperate need of water.

Making new fresh water can’t be the only answer though. Safeguarding existing sources and being mindful about our use of water have to play a part. When it comes to drinking water, LuminUltra’s solutions help water treatment professionals maintain clean and safe water. By monitoring for microbial content throughout the process, water treatment processes can be optimized, resulting in improved efficiency and water quality.  ATP monitoring has proven very effective at revealing the onset of fouling in membrane processes and guiding troubleshooting activities to solve these issues.  As such, it can potentially serve as a valuable addition to monitoring programs in desalination and reuse operations to realize greater operational efficiencies.

We work every day with clients around the world to keep their water systems and processes working effectively. Our message is simple when it comes to microbial contamination of water: If you do not measure it, you cannot control it.


LuminUltra Team

Founded in 1995, LuminUltra is a molecular biology diagnostic testing company headquartered in Canada with operations in 6 countries. It is widely recognized globally as a leader in developing tests and reagents for environmental, industrial, and diagnostic monitoring applications and was a key supplier of COVID-19 diagnostic testing reagents to the Government of Canada.

Dozens of Fortune 500 customers across more than 80 countries trust LuminUltra’s technology, production reliability and history of customer service excellence to deliver their essential services in a safe state.

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