Commitment is an act, not a word
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What is commitment?  Commitment is living up to the promises that you make to your customers, your colleagues, your friends, and family.  There are few things more satisfying in life than living up to a commitment on time – or even better, over-delivering on your commitment.  Conversely, there is no more sure-fire way to lose someone’s trust than to break a commitment, especially if it is done without any sort of acknowledgement.  On the whole, trust is very slow to gain and very fast to lose – and we’re not in the business of losing trust.

People who live up to their commitments are said to have integrity, and this is what we collectively aspire to achieve.  It is our mission to ensure that all of our stakeholders – from our suppliers to our partners to our customers – feel that they can always count on us for a timely response, for giving due consideration to special requests, or to simply carry out routine tasks like order processing or technical support in a professional and consistent fashion.  In short, we want to be your trusted partner, and we genuinely want to see you succeed – because when you win, we win.

We want to be known as a company that lives up to its commitments in everything that we do – we want you to be able to trust us to deliver on time and on the mark.  If you EVER feel that we are not living up to this standard, I would ask your favor in contacting me personally at pat.whalen@luminultra.com.  We know that we will never be perfect, but we desire to come as close to perfection as anyone could – and we ask that you help us stay accountable to that goal.


Pat Whalen

Pat has worked his entire adult life to bring LuminUltra to where it is today. When he is not jetting around the world providing hands-on support to LuminUltra’s extensive roster of sales partners and customers, he is constantly refining LuminUltra’s strategy to deliver more value from its solutions. Having come from a family of engineers, he is a consummate problem solver who has written dozens of technical papers, patents and other published works. In the rare circumstance that Pat is not focused on advancing LuminUltra, he volunteers his time on not-for-profit boards and entrepreneur coaching.

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