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Anna Whittaker

Anna Whittaker

Channel Sales Manager, Europe
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Based in the UK, Anna has spent the last five years with LuminUltra, specialising in microbial process analysis. With two decades of experience in the water, industrial, and environmental analytical sector, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. She has served as a channel sales manager for ten years, working closely with the partners to develop business in their respective countries. She is originally from Sweden and has an MSc in environmental molecular biology from Stockholm University.

Derek Dalton

Derek Dalton

Vice-President, Applied Diagnostics
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Assess your microbial activity in minutes

LuminUltra’s microbial monitoring portfolio

Accurate and fast information is crucial for effective management. Save time and money by monitoring microbial activity with LuminUltra’s complete suite of tools.

Our 2nd Generation ATP® test kits are a major upgrade over other microbiological tools. All tests kits run on the PhotonMaster™ luminometer, with kits designed to handle complex, industrial sample types.

QG21STM kit: Monitor critical points in your system

DSATM kit: Perform more accurate hygiene audits with surface testing

QGATM kit: Assess your production water quality

LuminUltra’s tests work on all sample types, including water, emulsions, paints, slurries, polymers, solids and surfaces,
without challenges from interferences.

LuminUltra 2nd Generation ATP® Testing
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