Job Offer Hoax


It was brought to our attention that a job offer for a Collection Specialist with LuminUltra Technologies has been emailed to a group of random recipients. We believe this to be a fraudulent company, sending the email from various names and domains.

LuminUltra Technologies would like to clarify that no such opportunity exists, and we have no knowledge of or relationship with the company responsible for sending these emails.

All of our current openings are listed on the Careers page of our website. LuminUltra has strong data protection and privacy policies, unfortunately many do not follow the same practices and we cannot be completely protected by fraudulent organizations using our name.

If you are unsure of any correspondence containing information about LuminUltra Technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Christy Bitcon

Christy is an MBA grad with 10 years’ experience in Human Resources. Knowing that our people drive our results, she is passionate about ensuring our staff are empowered, engaged, and set up for success. Christy is responsible for all aspects of HR & Office Management, including recruitment, payroll, health and safety, employee engagement and morale, performance management, and training. Her hobbies include cooking and trying new food, running, reading and spending time with her dog Lewis.

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