Meet & Beat Strict Water Quality Standards with Microbial Monitoring


The United Kingdom’s drinking water quality standards are among the highest in the world. The region’s standards regulate water quality all the way from service reservoirs to the very end of consumers’ taps. In fact, there is absolutely zero tolerance for the presence of some microbiological organisms in the UK’s drinking water.

With awareness around the importance of clean drinking water continuing to grow, more and stronger regulations seem likely. From a customer standpoint, stricter regulations provide more protections to public health. But for drinking water professionals or microbiologists, tighter regulations mean there’s a need for new and better tools.

Are you aware of these new tools? Who are the companies driving innovation? WRc Innovation Day brings some of the brightest innovators together to showcase their tools – assisting water utilities to stay on top of even the toughest regulations. To get a head start, take a look at the presentation below of a recent research report on the various tools available for microbial monitoring, including LuminUltra’s technology seen on pages 77-83 and a summary comparison on pages 97-98.

Visit WRc Innovation Day on April 27th in Swindon, UK to experience a hands-on demonstration of LuminUltra’s innovative microbial monitoring technology, from company CEO Pat Whalen. We look forward to seeing you there.

Monitoring for Reliability and Process Control of Potable Reuse Applications Using On-Line Sensors

Dr. Ian Pepper and Dr. Shane Snyder. University of Arizona. 2015


Source: watereuse.org

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