Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA™)

The Deposit & Surface Analysis test kit (DSA) measures the quantity of total microorganisms present on a surface, coupon, or in a solid sample. The versatility of the test kit to process different sample types allows its use across multiple applications. Microorganisms can colonize and form protective “biofilms” on surfaces that harbour bacteria, viruses and higher eukaryotic organisms.

Key Features:

  • Results available in 5 minutes
  • Includes all reagents and disposables needed to analyze sessile build-ups in the form of swabbed surfaces, weighed deposits, or biofilm collection devices (coupons) which can all be tested with ease.
  • All interferences such as solids, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are mitigated.
  • All materials are stable for two years at room temperature.*
*Luminase formulations, after rehydration, typically last 4-6 months if stored refrigerated.



The DSA test kit is designed for testing Attached / Sessile Microorganisms in the following applications:  

  • Environmental Hygiene Monitoring 
  • Production & Hygienic Surfaces 
  • Biofilm Collection Devices 
  • Corrosion Products & Slimes 
  • Biologically-active Filter Media

Environmental Hygiene Monitoring

The DSA test kit can quickly give an assessment of the level of cleanliness of a tested surface and indicate whether successful cleaning has taken place. If the surface has been cleaned properly with an appropriate product, ATP levels will be low. The DSA kit swab can be applied to door handles, desks, counters, tables, and other solid surfaces that are commonly touched by many people.


Microbes at the gym

Production & Hygienic Surfaces

Production facilities must operate at different levels of cleanliness depending on the industry. For those facilities where it’s important to prevent cross-contamination of products or to ensure proper cleaning, the DSA kit can be used. Results can be obtained in less than five minutes which indicate the total microbiological population present to ensure proper cleaning in between food products or shifts.


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Biofilm Collection Devices

In addition to testing by swab or solid sample, the DSA kit can process biofilm collection devices, which are coupons inserted into a system or process to specifically grow biofilms for later analysis. Using this technique, biofilm formation rates can be assessed to determine how quickly the microorganisms in your system colonize surfaces – this is useful information to assess the cleanliness of your system and the effectiveness of cleaning routines. In addition, by growing biofilm on collection devices, the kinds of microorganisms that facilitate biofilm growth can be determined (through 16S Next-Generation Sequencing) as well as the types of organisms that inhabit the biofilm, giving an in-depth picture of the organisms present in your system.


Biofilms & Heat Transfer

Corrosion Products & Slimes

Are you experiencing premature equipment failure due to microbially-influenced corrosion (MIC)?  By forming and populating biofilms on pipe walls and surfaces, microorganisms can survive biocide treatment and accelerate corrosion. The DSA test kit can be used to manage chemical treatment programs to prevent microbial buildup. MIC is responsible for an estimated 20% of total corrosion cost, which runs into hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Fast and quantitative testing allows the risk to your system to be assessed, and also for root cause analysis studies.


MIC Monitoring Techniques

Biologically Active Filter Media

As new techniques are developed and improved to treat drinking water, new microbial techniques or applications of existing techniques must be developed. The DSA test kit is also unique in its effectiveness to quantify the amount of microbiological activity in biologically active filters (BAF) in drinking water pre-treatment.  Conventional microbiological enumeration techniques struggle with quantifying colonizing cells in these filters whereas the LuminUltra DSA test kit obtains a direct measurement in minutes!


ATP Monitoring in Biologically Active Filters

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