QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I™)

The QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I) test kit provides the means to accurately monitor and control total microbial growth in any industrial process water fluid. LuminUltra’s advanced reagent system provides accurate, repeatable, and interference-free results in high-solids, medium-biomass applications. When used in conjunction with other routinely collected data, the QG21I test kit can become a valuable component of maintenance programs, such as in the prevention of foul odours, slimes, and equipment corrosion.


Key Features:

  • Measure only living biomass via Cellular ATP.
  • Measure biomass health via the Biomass Stress Index.
  • Results available in < 5 minutes.
  • Low Detection Limit is nominally 5 pg/mL, thereby providing ample detection range for any control program for industrial process waters.
  • All interferences such as turbidity, salinity, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are mitigated.
  • All materials are stable for two years at room temperature.*

This test kit is available in two formats. Choose the best format to suit your needs from the following descriptions:

  • QuenchGone21 Industrial Standard Test Kit (QG21I-50C) provides materials to perform 50 analyses each of Total ATP (or tATP: living plus dead biomass) and Dissolved ATP (or dATP: dead biomass only). This provides the most accurate indication of living microorganisms only via Cellular ATP and allows computation of the Biomass Stress Index to assess microbial population health.
  • QuenchGone21 Industrial tATP-only Test Kit (QG21It-100C) provides materials to perform only 100 analyses of tATP. Use this kit when no differentiation between living and dead microbes is required.
*Luminase formulations, after rehydration, typically last 4-6 months if stored refrigerated.

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