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Case study: Monitoring COVID-19 in a Cruise Ship Wastewater System at Sea

What’s inside:

Download the case study to read how  SARS-CoV-2  was successfully detected in cruise ship wastewater systems using both grab and passive sample types, including the LuminUltra GeneWave® passive sampler. By integrating this technology into current protocol,  a  baseline of viral load monitoring could be established for a better understanding of exposure risks to further protect the health and safety of the passengers and crew onboard the ship by being able to detect the virus quickly and accurately provides an early indicator of the ship population’s viral shedding status.  

Testing can also be expanded beyond wastewater to include potable (drinking) water, non potable (pool, hot tub) water, and grey water to monitor overall water quality on-board the ship.   

Download to learn more.

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