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COVID-19 wastewater testing: Why it matters, how it works and how to get started

Wastewater surveillance testing offers rapid, non-invasive insight into the health of communities, workplaces and other institutions. With proven capability to provide early warning of infection, COVID-19 wastewater testing is crucial to continuing to keep populations safe and to identify the presence of new variants.


  • Why wastewater testing remains a vital tool in the fight against COVID-19
  • How to develop your own testing protocol through a range of real-life use cases
  • Tips on transforming your data into actionable insights and evidence-supported recommendations
  • Details on LuminUltra’s full suite of services and technology — including on-site, variant, and service-based testing

Starting watching to learn how you can use wastewater testing to help manage the risk of COVID-19.

LuminUltra has been developing innovative wastewater solutions for more than 25 years with customers in over 80 countries trusting our technology, production reliability, and history of customer service excellence.

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