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Certification, Training & Test Program Development

A training program is an effective way to commence with ATP monitoring by learning from our representatives. We can provide training on test protocols, customize test programs to suit your needs and assist in the setup of data reporting systems. Ask us about our training options, which range from scheduled web-based group training sessions to personalized on-site training services!

Data Processing & Interpretation

Customers using 2nd Generation ATP® test kits as part of their routine process monitoring can send their data to LuminUltra’s technical staff for processing and interpretation. By leveraging LumiCalc software and other techniques, LuminUltra can rapidly interpret your data and identify opportunities for process improvement.

Site Characterization Programs

LuminUltra’s field representatives can travel to your site and perform a thorough examination of your water or wastewater process. Through real–time 2nd Generation ATP monitoring, we will provide microbiological feedback on the same day and a detailed report soon after. Training, interpretation, and test program design services can be combined with a Site Characterization Program to maximize your benefit!

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is equipped to process even the most problematic samples. Send your samples to us and we will analyze/validate them according to your requests in our laboratory. We can also provide treatability study services for a wide range of industries and applications, from bioaugmentation to biodegradability to biocide optimization!

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