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Chen came to Canada to further his studies after part one of his marketing career. One MBA later, and Chen – an ENTJ – is our go-to-guy for driving engagement though digital marketing. He is an avid dog lover, nature lover, and has a penchant for electronic dance music.

Ultimate Monitoring Solution for Biological Wastewater Treatment [Infographic]

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Wastewater treatment plant staff do their best to optimize the health of microbes in their bioreactor, but without a direct way to measure active biomass process optimization is a very difficult task to achieve. Additionally, toxicity occurrence can cause the plant to deviate from effluent quality compliance and result in violations. These events tend to happen with little or no warning, and with no way to quantify live biomass, it becomes very difficult to assess the damage done.

The solution? A reliable and direct measurement of the living biomass is now available from LuminUltra.

By knowing the size and health of your active biomass population, its response to process changes can be immediately assessed, meaning that all key process variables can be optimized to make the most of your infrastructure and produce the best quality effluent. The alternative is to rely on solids measurements which does not isolate what is alive against what is not and are slow in their response to process changes, and as such, do not serve as the basis for optimization.

Check out this infographic to get a better feel for what factors you need to monitor in order to optimize your biological wastewater treatment.


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