World Water Day Turns 24


Back in 1993 the United Nations created World Water Day to draw attention to water-related issues that people around the world were facing. The biggest issue the UN wanted to address was the daily crisis that many people face when it comes to finding clean drinking water.

Today, the UN estimates that 663 million people have no source of safe drinking water near their homes. That means that they have to travel to distant sources daily to find drinking water, and they have to do that every day. The infographics in this story present a picture of how serious the situation is.

When the UN developed its Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, one of them dealt specifically with clean water. The UN’s goal is to ensure everyone on the planet has access to clean water by 2030. World Water Day helps draw attention to this broad goal.

For this year’s World Water Day, the UN is focusing on wastewater. People around the world are realizing that releasing water back into the ecosystem without first cleaning it and when possible reusing it is extremely wasteful and potentially damaging. The UN, as part of its Sustainable Development Goal, wants to cut the amount of untreated wastewater in half and also increase water recycling. There are some great examples of people who are treating and reusing water. In Singapore for example, wastewater makes up a sizable portion of the country’s drinking water supply.

At LuminUltra, we see it as our job to help safeguard water systems. Two of our main areas of focus are drinking water and wastewater treatment. We help ensure our clients have a clear and accurate understanding of their water’s microbiology.


Stacey Pineau

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