Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA)

Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA™)

Are you experiencing premature equipment failure due to microbial-influenced corrosion?  By forming and populating biofilms on pipe walls and surfaces, microorganisms can survive biocide treatment and accelerate corrosion.

The Deposit & Surface Analysis test kit (DSA) can be used to manage chemical treatment to microbial build-up.  This test kit is designed for the measurement of total microorganisms present on surfaces or in deposits including corrosion products and slimes.  When coupled with any of our other test kits, the user can characterize the level of microbial growth in both the bulk fluid as well as the contacting surface.

This test kit is also unique in its effectiveness to quantify the amount of microbiological activity in biologically active filters (BAF) in drinking water pre-treatment.  Conventional microbiological enumeration techniques struggle with quantifying colonizing cells in these filters whereas the LuminUltra Biofilm test kit obtains a direct measurement in minutes!


Key Features:

  • Results available in 5 minutes.
  • Includes all reagents and disposables needed to analyze sessile build-ups in the form of swabbed surfaces, weighed deposits, or biofilm collection devices (coupons) which can all be tested with ease.
  • All interferences such as solids, colour, residual chemical, and other characteristics inherent to sample matrices are mitigated.
  • All materials are stable for two years at room temperature.*
*Luminase formulations, after rehydration, typically last 4-6 months if stored refrigerated.

Ordering Information

Deposit & Surface Analysis Complete Test Kit (DSA-25C), 25 Tests

  • 1 x UltraLyse7, 5mL, Extraction Tube, 25/Rack (UL7-5mL-25R)
  • 1 x UltraLute, 9mL, Dilution Tube, 25/Rack (Ulu-9mL-25R)
  • 2 x 3mL Freeze-Dried Luminase (Lu–3mL)
  • 1 x 2.5mL UltraCheck 1 Dropper Bottle (UC1–2.5mL)
  • 1 x 30mL LumiSolve Bottle (LS–30mL)
  • Plus enough plastic consumables for the tests

Deposit & Surface Analysis Complete Test Kit (DSA-100C), 100 Tests

  • 2 x UltraLute, 9mL, Dilution Tube, 50/Rack
  • 2 x UltraLyse7, 5mL, Extraction Tube, 50/Rack
  • 1 x 30mL LumiSolve Bottle
  • 5 x 3mL Freeze Dried Luminase Vial
  • 5 x 3mL Rehydration Buffer Vial
  • 1 x 5mL UltraCheck 1 Dropper Bottle
  • 3 x 12x55mm Test Tubes 50 Pack
  • 1 x 100-1000uL Blue Tips 100 Rack
  • 3 x 100-200uL Yellow Tips 96 Rack
  • 4 x Sterile Swabs 25 Pack

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