• Reliable, fast, and sensitive testing solutions identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 in environments including surfaces, air and water. Gain evidence-based knowledge to quantify the risk to employees and patrons, evaluate the health of your facilities, and make informed decisions.


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  • In a quickly-spreading pandemic, it is more important than ever to quickly and accurately determine whether a person is infected. Deliver precise, high-volume COVID-19 clinical testing with LuminUltra’s RNA Isolation Kits.

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  • Flexible DNA testing solutions enable environmental testing for a range of problems. Easy-to-use infield devices run up to 14 tests in under 90 minutes to give you immediate insight into your system. Mail in services and turn-key lab solutions are also available.


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  • We’re hiring! Join a dedicated and talented team as we develop technology-based products and services to help people, companies, and organizations all over the world. We have exciting opportunities in Fredericton, NB and Baltimore, MD.


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From Test Kits to Total Solutions

  • Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, neither are microbiological challenges in water. We pride ourselves on providing the solution best suited to your needs so that you can enjoy consistent, accurate data from our flagship 2nd Generation ATP test kits that are tailored for specific sample types. Learn More

  • Reliable data starts with a reliable device. Generate your data from the PhotonMaster, a luminometer that is sensitive enough for the cleanest sample, robust enough for the toughest testing environment, and cost-friendly for any budget. Learn More

    Field-ready instruments
  • When you’re in control of your data, you’re in control of your next decision. Collect, analyze, share and create custom reports within one-click through LuminUltra Cloud. Through cloud-based data storage and a suite of mobile apps, you can store and review your data – anywhere, anytime. Learn More

Field-ready instruments

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