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DNA Technology, SARS-CoV-2

White Paper: Validation of disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 in a senior living facility

What’s inside: The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 and its associated COVID-19 pandemic

ATP Technology, DNA Technology

White Paper: Monitoring Techniques for Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

What’s inside: The most common occurrence of microbiologically influenced corrosion

DNA Technology, Wastewater Treatment

Case Study: Diagnosing Inefficient Biological Phosphorus Removal Using DNA

What’s inside: Facility: An Australian wastewater treatment plant with enhanced

DNA Technology, Wastewater Treatment

Case Study: Mitigating Capital Upgrades to a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using DNA Sequencing

What’s inside: A municipal wastewater treatment plant planning to carry out an

DNA Technology

Brochure: GeneCount® In-Field qPCR Solution

GeneCount® In-Field qPCR Solution Rapid results in the field drive immediate action.

DNA Technology

Brochure: Industry qPCR

Industry qPCR Want to include qPCR analysis in your program? We can do it for you.

DNA Technology

Brochure: In-Lab qPCR

In-Lab qPCR A turn-key line of new qPCR solutions created with the Laboratory market in

DNA Technology

Brochure: Introducing GeneCount®

Introducing GeneCount®  LuminUltra proudly presents the flexible line of

DNA Technology

Brochure: DNA tools – qPCR and NGS

  Content Highlights: LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® test kits were a

ATP Technology, DNA Technology

Brochure: The LuminUltra Difference

The LuminUltra Difference Content Highlights: This document focuses on the similaries and

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