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Ballast Water Management

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Installing a ballast water treatment system is a significant and costly undertaking, not to mention learning a new testing protocol to self-monitor ballast water.

LuminUltra’s rapid, trusted, onboard testing solution is the result of a robust 6-year R&D program. It allows ship operators to ensure they meet ballast water regulatory requirements.

During ship inspections of ballast water, Port State Control (PSC) uses indicative analysis, like our test kit, as a first step to achieve rapid and accurate results and avoid delaying ships. Shipowners use our approved and reliable solutions onboard to self-monitor their ballast water by testing a sample prior to arriving in port for inspection.

LuminUltra ballast water testing kit

Benefits to service providers and ship owners

  • Cost-effective: Save significantly by taking your testing out of the lab and bringing it onboard.
  • Flexible: One piece of equipment gives you the tools to test multiple applications on your vessel.
  • Accurate: Measure all viable and living microorganisms.
  • Fast: Get results in 20 minutes, rather than days or weeks.
  • Compliant: LuminUltra offers the only ballast water test kit that can provide indicative analysis on each of the three regulatory fractions.

Ballast water regulatory fractions

With more than 4,000 different organisms found in a ship’s ballast water tank, monitoring is vital to prevent the spread of these invasive species — and why the IMO requires all sizes of ballast organisms to be monitored.

These organisms are broken down into three categories, known as the ballast water regulatory fractions:

  1. Bacteria (i.e., the 3 indicator microbes: E.Coli, V.Cholera, Enterococi)
  2. Organisms of between 10-50µm (e.g. phytoplankton and micro-zooplankton)
  3. Organisms greater than 50µm (e.g. zooplankton and phytoplankton)


LuminUltra’s ballast water test kit uses 2nd Generation ATP® to measure the living organisms in your ballast water. It is an integral part of a Ballast Water Management Plan and is widely used by shipowners, shipyards, and laboratories. The kit includes:

  • A three-membrane microfiltration system to separate organisms by fraction size category (bacteria greater than 50 µm; between 10 and 50 µm; less than 10 µm)
  • An extraction method that ensures complete extraction of the cellular ATP present in marine organisms, including those protected by a mineral shell, a rigid exoskeleton or a tough outer wall (crustaceans, diatoms, microalgae, etc.)
  • A second-generation microbiological analysis kit designed to detect ATP in high-salt samples (up to 300‰ NaCl or 300 PSU)
  • Portable equipment to perform the test
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Experts in Ballast Water Management

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LuminUltra is highly involved in ballast water standard development and in IMO discussions on certification.

  • Member of the IMO Ballast Water Working Group
  • Member of the Ballast Water ISO standard
  • Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST)
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