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Ballast Water Management

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Installing a ballast water treatment system is a significant and costly undertaking, not to mention learning a new testing protocol to self-monitor ballast water.

LuminUltra’s rapid, trusted, onboard testing solution is the result of a robust 6-year R&D program. It allows ship operators to ensure they meet ballast water regulatory requirements.

During ship inspections of ballast water, Port State Control (PSC) uses indicative analysis, like our test kit, as a first step to achieve rapid and accurate results and avoid delaying ships. Shipowners use our approved and reliable solutions onboard to self-monitor their ballast water by testing a sample prior to arriving in port for inspection.

LuminUltra ballast water testing kit

Benefits to service providers and ship owners

  • Cost-effective: Save significantly by taking your testing out of the lab and bringing it onboard.
  • Flexible: One piece of equipment gives you the tools to test multiple applications on your vessel.
  • Accurate: Measure all viable and living microorganisms.
  • Fast: Get results in 20 minutes, rather than days or weeks.
  • Compliant: LuminUltra offers the only ballast water test kit that can provide indicative analysis on each of the three regulatory fractions.

Real-world validated

Our BQUA PLUS Ballast Water Monitoring Kit has been validated extensively by customers in real-world applications.

Read more about how a variety of clients, including a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) manufacturer, an experienced laboratory and a port authority have evaluated that our solution meets their specific needs:

Ballast water regulatory fractions

With more than 4,000 different organisms found in a ship’s ballast water tank, monitoring is vital to prevent the spread of these invasive species — and why the IMO requires all sizes of ballast organisms to be monitored.

These organisms are broken down into three categories, known as the ballast water regulatory fractions:

  1. Bacteria (i.e., the 3 indicator microbes: E.Coli, V.Cholera, Enterococi)
  2. Organisms of between 10-50µm (e.g. phytoplankton and micro-zooplankton)
  3. Organisms greater than 50µm (e.g. zooplankton and phytoplankton)


LuminUltra’s ballast water test kit uses 2nd Generation ATP® to measure the living organisms in your ballast water. It is an integral part of a Ballast Water Management Plan and is widely used by shipowners, shipyards, and laboratories. The kit includes:

  • A three-membrane microfiltration system to separate organisms by fraction size category (bacteria greater than 50 µm; between 10 and 50 µm; less than 10 µm)
  • An extraction method that ensures complete extraction of the cellular ATP present in marine organisms, including those protected by a mineral shell, a rigid exoskeleton or a tough outer wall (crustaceans, diatoms, microalgae, etc.)
  • A second-generation microbiological analysis kit designed to detect ATP in high-salt samples (up to 300‰ NaCl or 300 PSU)
  • Portable equipment to perform the test
Photon master

Experts in Ballast Water Management

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LuminUltra is highly involved in ballast water standard development and in IMO discussions on certification.

  • Member of the IMO Ballast Water Working Group
  • Member of the Ballast Water ISO standard
  • Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST)
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