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On-Site Legionella Testing

Test. Identify. Act.

Access a Rapid, Targeted Approach to Testing

  • Quickly Investigate Risk
    Know if Legionella is present in 90 minutes with accurate, on-site qPCR testing.
  • Detect High-Exposure Areas
    Determine perilous areas of Legionella contamination in minutes with on-site ATP.
  • Identify Problems Early
    Be alerted to a spike in bacterial growth and know about the biofilm development before it contains Legionella.
  • Verify Treatment Efficacy
    Make sure your biocide approach is effective by testing the sample location before and after treatment.
LuminUltra GeneCount Q-16 in-field
Common Places for Legionella

Know Where Legionella Is Found

In addition to being present in natural freshwater systems, Legionella also establishes itself in the engineered water systems of commercial and residential buildings. It colonizes in water systems operating at slightly above room temperature.

The most common places for Legionella growth is in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. These systems offer water slightly warmer than room temperature, and distribute any aerosolized Legionella bacteria.

What Causes Legionella Outbreaks?

Biofilm: The Ideal Living Conditions

Legionella cells cannot proliferate on their own; they require a biofilm of other microbes to grow and reproduce. Legionella are parasites – they can grow within other organisms present in water systems. Learn more in our Primer on Legionella.

Biofilm, a slime formed inside tanks and pipes, offers ideal living conditions and protects the Legionella from treatment. When sufficient Legionella have accumulated, it breaks out of the biofilm and enters the flowing water supply. As a result, it is present in aerosols from showers and taps and inhaled by unsuspecting people in the building.

How can you detect it?

qPCR Testing for Legionella

qPCR testing is a rapid, effective method for monitoring specific microorganisms, including Legionella. This approach offers many advantages.

  • Make better decisions faster. Get results in under two hours of sample collection.
  • Detect viable but non-culturable cells. Our highly sensitive tests identify potential issues before they become problems.
  • A versatile solution. Test multiple samples with a range of assays in a single run, whether you’re in the field or in a lab.
LuminUltra GeneCount® qPCR Q-16 kit
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