BugCount® Fuel

Fuel distribution and storage

Prevent contamination events

Protect your investment and ensure operational efficiency

Microbial contamination in fuel can lead to significant economic losses due to fuel degradation, increased maintenance costs, and potential operational downtime. BugCount® Fuel helps mitigate these risks, ensuring the cleanliness and quality of your fuel.

  • Fuel degradation leads to reduced efficiency and performance.
  • Contamination results in more frequent and costly repairs.
  • Operational downtime disrupts overall profitability and logistics due to unplanned maintenance.
Achieve cost savings

Extend tank cleaning cycles with BugCount® Fuel

BugCount® Fuel is engineered to address the specific challenges of microbial contamination in fuel. By providing fast, precise results, our technology allows operators to improve maintenance schedules through proactive trend monitoring.

  • Gather consistent data to identify low-risk periods and optimize cleaning schedules.
  • Extend intervals between tank cleanings, reducing frequency and saving significantly on cleaning costs.
Trusted, field-tested technology

Leverage the power of 2nd Generation ATP®

LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® technology has transformed microbial testing since its introduction in 2003. Unlike traditional ATP tests, which often rely on less accurate swab or dipstick methods, this technology ensures complete extraction and recovery of intracellular ATP from living organisms only, providing unmatched accuracy.


  • Minimize interferences: Advanced reagents and protocols reduce the impact of inhibitory substances like additives and biocides.
  • Quantify immediate risk by extracting ATP from living organisms only
  • Achieve precise results even at low levels of contamination.
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