GeneCount® qPCR Molecular
Testing Solutions

An end-to-end solution:

The GeneCount® Portfolio

GeneCount® brings everything together into a simplified, optimized workflow. Go from sample preservation to qPCR assay results in as little as 2 hours with an approachable methodology that simplifies each step of the way. Offerings include all consumables and equipment required to quickly get you running qPCR in your lab.  

Maintain sample integrity with the GeneCount® qKit Preserve

Ensure your sample (solid, liquid, or surface swab) maintains its integrity from the moment its collected to when it’s ultimately tested. Eliminate causative agents of microbial community change such as biocides, organic substrates, and other compounds during storage. The GeneCount® qKit Preserve simplifies traditional preservation methods, allowing you to bring preservation right into the field and used directly after sampling. Test with confidence knowing your sample is representative of conditions on the ground and will therefore produce the most accurate results. 

Handle robust sample types with GeneCount® qKit Purify

Offering both manual and auto extraction methods, the GeneCount® qKit Purify uses magnetic bead purification, eliminating the need for corrosive chemicals. Our methodology has been optimized for industrial sample types and overcomes inhibitors often found in samples such as injection water, wastewater, metalworking and drilling fluids, and biofilm. The result is purified DNA that is ready for direct addition to a qPCR assay mix. 

Test for specific targets with GeneCount® qKit Assays

qPCR requires the careful optimization of primers and probes to ensure accurate and repeatable detection of the target organisms. The GeneCount® qKit Assay kits have optimized concentrations of primers and probes that have already been validated on a range of industrial sample types and the GeneCount® qPCR thermal cycler devices. Reagents come conveniently kitted in single use format, making them easier to use, with no excessive reagent handling or special storage required.

Choose the right device for you

GeneCount® Voyager and Q-96 qPCR instruments

Choose the right thermal cycler for your needs, between the Voyager’s small footprint and 16-well capacity and the Q-96 high-capacity offering with 96 wells. 

Devices come with pre-loaded cycling parameters, standard curves, and other required information specific for each individual target, saving the user time and resources.  

GeneCount® E-Series for automated purification

The GeneCount® E-32 and E-96 were developed to compliment your lab’s existing GeneCount® qPCR workflow – improving efficiency, providing trustworthy and reproducible results, and reducing the risk of human error. 

LuminUltra GeneCount® E-32 device
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