Industrial Wastewater Monitoring

Test. Identify. Act.

Mitigate risk with accurate analysis

  • Detect toxic influent and its impact on your bioreactor.
  • Determine damage done by upsets and speed the recovery process.
  • Pace dosing of nutrient blends and biostimulants.
  • Assess treatability of challenging substrates through bench scale jar tests.
  • Optimize food-to-microorganism (F:M), dissolved oxygen, and other key process variables.
  • Eliminate excess solids and minimize sludge handling costs.
  • Detect sludge bulking well in advance of conventional parameters.
  • Diagnose deflocculation and other settling issues.
Measurements in just five minutes

2nd Generation ATP®

Prevent process upsets before they fully manifest and minimize operating costs by staying ahead of problems. Monitoring and controlling the health of your biomass enables you to take preventative action sooner than ever before and helps you optimize your system.

LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® technology has been used by wastewater customers around the globe to take reliable measurements in just five minutes, helping you achieve your goals including improved process optimization and inventory management.

Complete Microbial Community Analysis

GeneCount® Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Get the complete picture of what’s happening inside your process by identifying all types of microbes present.  Our reporting includes a quantifiable breakdown into the microbial activity, as well as insight into the good or harm they may be causing.

This service-based offering includes an easy-to-use Sample Preservation Kit to preserve your sample at ambient temperatures and an industry-leading 2-week turnaround time to results.

Know your food levels

Optimize your system with true F:M measurement

Obtain an accurate food-to-microorganism ratio to understand the impact on biological activity using ATP and TOC analysis. Quickly and accurately detect whether food levels are too low or too high and take action accordingly. These separate measurements combine to provide insight into the optimal operating range in wastewater processing.

  • Improve accuracy: Eliminate the use of less accurate surrogate measurements including BOD, COD, and MLVSS.
  • Save money: Reduce risk of regulatory discharge fines, optimize aeration costs, and reduce excess use of chemicals.
  • Save time: Get fast, reliable, and actionable results that enable proactive process control.

Combine two best-in-class solutions with LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® technology and SUEZ Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzers.

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Improve your process with rapid, accurate and portable wastewater testing solutions

Is your plant running at peak performance? Most wastewater operational challenges – bulking, upsets, excessive costs, and non-compliance – stem from inaccurate measurements of the true, living biomass in your process.

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