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Protect your waterways with Microbial Source Tracking

How it works

MST testing is a simple process from sample to result: 

  1. Contact us to design a targeted sampling plan
  2. Execute your sampling plan and ship your sample to our laboratory
  3. Receive quality-accredited results including concentrations of DNA from each source
  4. Take action with confidence

Our team of experts supports you along the way, helping you design a sample plan that addresses your specific needs.

Effective testing for a range of targets

Not sure what’s causing your issues? We’re here to help you develop a customized testing plan leveraging validated tests for the detection of pollution from multiple sources including human and the following:

  • Beaver
  • Bird
  • Elk / Deer
  • Goose
  • Gull
  • Ruminant
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Pig
  • Poultry
Assess public health risks

Proven and reliable methodology

MST technology has been recognized by the EPA as an effective tool for fixing bacteria-related water pollution problems. General fecal indicators are ineffective at discriminating between sources, leaving you uncertain of what actions to take next to mitigate and prevent future issues and potentially delaying proper abatement with long and expensive remediation processes.

Webinar | ON DEMAND
Protecting our waterways: how to leverage Microbial Source Tracking for fecal contamination management

Fecal contamination can affect your waterways, resulting in fines, reputational damage, health threats and economic losses from closures. How can you be confident in solving your problem if you’re not sure of the source?

The LuminUltra difference

Trust a company with a record of providing quality molecular testing solutions and superior customer service to clients around the world. 

We support you from project design to results. Our reporting includes the quantifiable data you need as well as key insights on which fecal sources are the greatest contributors so you can act with confidence.

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