Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Monitoring Solutions


Solve microbial issues on the spot

With real-time, accurate quantification of total bioburden, your team can pinpoint a problem area within a system, apply treatment, and quantify the efficacy of this treatment all within the same day – compared to days or weeks with traditional methods.

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. By making LuminUltra part of your overall solution, biological growth can be minimized at all key points to pre-emptively avoid biofilm formation and the serious problems that arise from it. Routine microbial testing can mitigate infrastructure degradation, reduce chemical treatment costs and avoid severe economic and health and safety threats to industries.

Timely Information for Rapid Action

A modern microbial toolkit

Trust a company with decades of experience in oil & gas, marine transportation and manufacturing. Our solutions can be used together as a complete toolkit to address the impacts of microbiology.  

Our solutions have proven able to handle robust industrial sample types including injection water, brine, produced water, pigging sludge, metalworking and drilling fluids, and biofilms. 

Damage from microbiologically influenced corrosion

LuminUltra GeneCount® qPCR Corrosion Collection

Your complete suite of DNA-based monitoring tools to address microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

2nd Generation ATP®

Regularly assess microbial activity in minutes

Understand the total active bioburden in a sample with a simple, fast, in-field test that gives quantifiable results and insight into the microbial growth of a system.

Photon master
GeneCount® qPCR Equipment & qKits

Identify specific microbes of concern

Narrow in on the corrosion-related microorganisms of concern with a complete, end-to-end testing solution that includes:

  • Ready-to-use qPCR assay qKits
  • Compatible preservation and purification qKits
  • Flexible qPCR and auto-extraction equipment options that can scale with you

Industry-leading targets for corrosion-associated micro-organisms

Iron-reducing bacteriaTotal archaea
Total methanogensTotal bacteria
Corrosive methanogens (micH)Total prokaryote
Sulfate-reducing prokaryotesSulfur-oxidizing bacteria
GeneCount® Next Generation Sequencing

Get the complete picture with Microbial Community Analysis

Take advantage of a whole new level of data with a simple mail-in service that provides you with a complete overview of the microorganisms present in your sample in an industry-leading turnaround time of 2 weeks. Easily collect and preserve your sample using our Sample Preservation Kit to ensure the most accurate results. The comprehensive GeneCount® Dashboard helps you interpret your data and understand crucial next steps to address your biofouling concerns.

Clinical diagnostic testing
Webinar | ON DEMAND
How to build a modern microbial toolkit for microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

Join our LuminUltra experts to understand why Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is an important threat to manage. Costing industries an estimated US $2.5 trillion annually, MIC can cause serious equipment degradation and failure, process interruptions, safety hazards, and product quality issues.

Why customers choose LuminUltra

We work with you throughout the process, from determining the right combination of tools to meet your needs to our specialized onboarding program and after-purchase support. 

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