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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Monitoring Solutions

Timely Information for Rapid Action

Gain Insight and Fix Issues

Conventional microbiological tools used to identify MIC, souring, and biofouling are painfully slow and offer limited information. As a result, issues associated with microbial contamination go unnoticed until they become serious problems.

LuminUltra’s microbial monitoring solutions provide real-time feedback on microbiological content, enabling on-site decision making. Now you can address the problem and validate corrections before they escalate.

Damage from microbiologically influenced corrosion

Oil and Gas - and More

While the most common occurrence of MIC is in oil and gas-associated transportation and storage systems, MIC is also relevant for the municipal sector and entities with water and wastewater systems. Even infrastructure in residential and commercial buildings such as sprinkler systems can be affected by MIC.

Oil and gas storage systems
Fast, Accurate Testing

How Microbial Monitoring Helps

With real-time, accurate quantification of total bioburden your team can pinpoint a problem area within a system, apply treatment, and quantify the efficacy of this treatment within a matter of hours – compared to days or weeks with traditional methods.

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. By making LuminUltra part of your overall solution, biological growth can be minimized at all key points in order to preemptively avoid biofilm formation and the serious problems that arise from it.

LuminUltra’s solutions give users the ability to rapidly characterize and mitigate threats. Follow-up tests involving specific culture methods can be performed to validate control mechanisms and guard against specific microbiological threats, such as sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB).

Solution Components

Optimized Test Protocols Tailored to Your Needs

2nd Generation ATP®
Quickly quantify the microbial activity in your system, including tests for industrial, oil and gas, and high bioburden fluids.

BugCount® Online Automated ATP
Automate your on-site ATP monitoring to get the information you need to make faster decisions.

GeneCount® qPCR
Support targeted treatment with in-field qPCR solutions to identify target microbes impacting your system. Get the full picture of your process with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Access our data management and decision support platform to rapidly manage data, gain insight with analysis and reporting, and oversee testing programs.

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