Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Fast, accurate insight

Understand your risk with a complete testing portfolio

Managing MIC means understanding the microbial community within your system. LuminUltra’s solutions allow you to identify and quantify potential MIC threats and optimize biocide programs. From daily monitoring that quantifies bio-burden in real-time, to targeted identification of MIC-causing microbes, we can help you prevent system failures and extend the life of your infrastructure.

Trust a company with decades of experience in oil & gas, marine transportation and manufacturing. Our solutions can be used together as a complete toolkit to address the impacts of microbiology.  

Fast assessment of microbial activity

Routine testing with 2nd Generation ATP®

Understand the total active bioburden in a sample with a simple, fast, in-field test that gives quantifiable results and insight into the microbial growth of a system. Designed for routine monitoring, our 2nd Generation ATP® technology delivers accurate results within 5 minutes (in pg ATP/ unit of measurement).

Photon master
Detect early, act early

Zero-in on microbes with GeneCount® qPCR

Quantify corrosion-related microorganisms of concern with a complete, end-to-end molecular testing solution that deliver results in under 3 hours.

The GeneCount® Corrosion Collection was recognized with a 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation Award. This collection includes ready-to-use qPCR assay kits, GeneCount® qPCR devices, and everything needed for sample preservation, as well as DNA purification and extraction.

Voyager qPCR testing machine
GeneCount® Next Generation Sequencing

Harness NGS to understand your microbial community

Take advantage of a whole new level of data. Our simple mail-in service provides you with provides you with a detailed overview of all microorganisms present in your sample — in an industry-leading turnaround time of 2 weeks. Use NGS for detailed baseline microbial community characterization, or to identify all MIC-associated microbes in your sample. Review results, perform in-depth microbial analyses, and make informed decisions with the comprehensive GeneCount® Dashboard.

Why customers choose LuminUltra

We work with you throughout the process, from determining the right combination of tools to meet your needs to our specialized onboarding program and after-purchase support. 

MP Podcast Interview

How advanced microbial monitoring can quantify corrosion risks

LuminUltra’s Jordan Schmidt speaks with the Materials Performance podcast on the importance of advanced microbiological monitoring and the innovation behind our award-winning GeneCount® Voyager and GeneCount® qKit Corrosion Portfolio.

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