Autonomous microbial monitoring

BugCount® Guardian

Accurate and quantifiable

Realize the benefits of autonomous microbial monitoring

BugCount® Guardian harnesses the power of LuminUltra’s proven, proprietary 2nd Generation ATP® technology, relied on by industries for decades to provide fast, accurate assessment of total microbial load.

BugCount® Guardian directly integrates into your industrial process, enabling it to:

  • Automatically draw samples at regular intervals
  • Perform the 2nd Generation ATP® test completely autonomously
  • Return results which are available both locally on the instrument and uploaded via network connectivity into centralized software for analysis and review
Real-time, continuous monitoring

Enable faster decision-making to stay ahead of issues

BugCount® Guardian streamlines data collection, enabling early detection of anomalies and system changes. Take action more quickly when problems arise, resulting in significant savings associated with preventing product spoilage, avoiding operational downtime, or risks to health.

Building on years of research, technology development, and collaboration with industry partners, BugCount® Guardian has outperformed competitors in independent trials in industrial applications such as brewing pasteurization, cooling tower operations, and hydrofracking.

The BugCount® Guardian advantage

BugCount® Guardian automates the entire microbial monitoring process, from sample collection to testing and reporting.


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