Microbial fuel testing

BugCount® Fuel

Designed for the aviation sector

Rapid, accurate insights into fuel contamination

Experience the power of LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® technology with BugCount® Fuel. This industry-specific test kit is designed for under-wing use for testing fuel. BugCount® Fuel seamlessly blends the speed of traditional ATP tests with enhanced accuracy and sensitivity.

  • No lab, specialized personnel, equipment or skills are required to run the test
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Results available in just 5 minutes
Fast, simple, precise

Flexible testing options from a trusted partner

BugCount® Fuel is available for use in single-use packaging for under-wing applications, or as a bulk option for large-scale lab use. Join the customers who trust LuminUltra’s decades-long experience of working with challenging industrial sample types like fuels.

BugCount® Fuel is ASTM D7687 compliant and ATP photometry is a listed method for testing fuel and fuel-associated waters in the latest 6th Edition of the IATA Guidance Material on Microbial Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks Appendix A.

Discover the power of 2nd Gen ATP®

Detect microbial contamination within minutes

BugCount® Fuel overcomes common interferences, giving you results you can truly rely on. LuminUltra’s patented 2nd Generation ATP® technology enables comparison across sampling events and sites, letting you observe trends and address issues — before they become problems.

It’s sensitive enough to detect and quantify microbiological activity, even with low levels of contamination.

Your complete testing portfolio

LuminUltra offers a complete portfolio of products and services to help you evaluate your microbial risks.


GeneCount® qPCR

Zero in on microbes of concern with an end-to-end qPCR workflow

Quantify, specify, and target corrosion-related microorganisms with the award-winning GeneCount® portfolio of qPCR solutions.

Next Generation Sequencing

Perform a complete Microbial Community Analysis

Take advantage of a whole new level of data with a fast, simple mail-in service to identify and quantify all microorganisms present.

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