Jet Fuel Testing, Redefined

BugCount® Fuel

Your co-pilot in quality control

A new era for aviation fuel testing, from a world leader in microbial management

BugCount® Fuel redefines fuel testing with an industry-specific, user-friendly kit designed for under-wing use. BugCount® Fuel cuts through the delays of traditional methods, allowing maintenance crews to diagnose fuel system health quickly, freeing up time for other critical tasks and improving overall operational efficiency.

Fast, simple, precise

Trusted, ASTM-compliant fuel testing

LuminUltra’s BugCount® Fuel is a revolutionary solution designed to address the speed and accuracy challenges faced today in aviation fuel management. This innovative product provides professionals with rapid, accurate data for informed decision-making on fuel system health and aircraft maintenance.

  • Compliant with ASTM D7687 and AMPP TM0194
  • IATA-recognized testing method*
  • Applicable to any middle distillate fuel
  • Eliminates false positives and negatives
  • Precise results, even at low levels of contamination
  • Easy-to-follow, 5-step method
  • Results available in just 5 minutes

* ATP photometry is a listed method for testing fuel and fuel-associated waters in the latest 6th Edition of the IATA Guidance Material on Microbial Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks Appendix A.

BugCount Fuel underwing fueling
From days to minutes

Transformative fuel testing by LuminUltra

Traditional fuel testing methods rely on culturing microbes over extended periods — leaving operators waiting hours, or even days, for results. BugCount® Fuel harnesses the power of LuminUltra’s trusted 2nd Generation ATP technology for immediate, precise evaluations.

This rapid-response tool instantly assesses the presence and viability of microbes within a fuel system, offering a level of accuracy and speed that sets a new benchmark in fuel management. Be confident with actionable data when it matters most.

Reduce maintenance costs

Prevent supply disruptions and optimize tank cleaning cycles

BugCount® Fuel offers fuel terminal operators a strategic advantage by preventing supply disruptions and enhancing overall operational reliability.

  • Reduce costs: Lower maintenance expenses associated with frequent tank cleanings.
  • Trend monitoring and proactive maintenance: Schedule maintenance based on predictive data, instead of reacting to contamination events.
  • Ensure fuel supply reliability: Detect and address contamination before it reaches critical levels.

Setting the standard for fuel quality management

Eliminate the guesswork in microbial detection. Precise, verifiable results in 5 minutes — only from LuminUltra, your partner in microbial management.


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