Industrial Process Water Monitoring

Test. Identify. Act.

Hone your industrial processes

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Save time
Prevent product quality issues and costly process interruptions. Guide disinfection and cleaning cycles. Reduce operational risk. With results in minutes rather than days, you can deal with problems as they occur.

Improve performance
Identify, address, and validate microbiological control solutions in real-time. Enhance process efficiency and product quality with access to timely information.

Optimize biocide efficacy
Detect all intact cells in minutes rather than days and inform your biocide choice and dosage. Gain better insight faster than with culture tests.

Isolate and mitigate issues
Segregate and remediate biological growth within a product before issues materialize. Ensure that your control programs remain effective with our rapid biological testing.

Reduce risk of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)
Prevent biofilm formation, and reduce the risk of MIC, which can degrade your assets, with a rigorous control program supported by our 2nd Generation ATP® monitoring and in-field qPCR testing products.

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How to Elevate Your Biocide Control with a Modern Microbial Toolkit

Join us to learn how to effectively mitigate microbiological threats in industrial processes. Uncover new techniques to optimize biocide programs through advanced technologies like ATP, qPCR, and NGS.

Industrial process versatility

Validate microbiological control

Besides being a component of many industrial products, water serves several other important purposes in manufacturing process operations. If microbial growth is not adequately monitored it can become difficult to control.

In the paper-making industry, microbial growth in make-up water streams, process waters, slurries, and on the sheet itself, can all lead to significant product quality issues such as odors, discoloration, and breaks.

It’s critical to keep proliferation in check at all times by assessing entry points where water is used and monitoring growth trends.

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Solution Components

Test protocols tailored to your needs

2nd Generation ATP®
Quickly quantify the microbial activity in your system, including tests for industrial and high bioburden fluids.

BugCount® Guardian
Automate your on-site ATP monitoring to get the information you need to make faster decisions.

GeneCount® qPCR
Support targeted treatment with in-field qPCR solutions to identify target microbes impacting your system.

Access our data management and decision support platform to rapidly manage data, gain insight with analysis and reporting, and oversee testing programs.

LuminUltra in-field microbial testing- 2nd Generation ATP
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