Rapid qPCR and ATP
Testing Technology

As you work to budget your time and resources, you need to be able to rely on microbial testing technology to deliver fast, accurate results.

LuminUltra distills complicated information into actionable insight. We develop and support top quality microbial monitoring solutions that leverage our innovative and reliable molecular microbiology technologies.

LuminUltra microbial monitoring technology

Test, diagnose, and drive proactive microbial control

LuminUltra technology makes the difficult seem simple. Our full suite of products will change the way you think about microbiology – while giving you the tools you need to:

  • Quantify and identify your microbial activity.
  • Understand how microbes are impacting your environment, facility, or system.
  • Improve your system, ultimately saving you time and money.

Our tools use cutting-edge technology to deliver rapid, precise findings that put you back in control and limit costly problems created by out of control microorganisms.

GeneCount® Testing Solutions

Gain insight with qPCR for molecular microbial analysis

Specify, target, and quantify microbes of interest with the GeneCount® portfolio of products and services. GeneCount®’s full suite of products – mail-in, on-site, and end-to-end lab solutions – deliver actionable results.

2nd Generation ATP® Testing

Know what’s happening in your system

It all starts with a quick and portable measurement of the total microbiology in your sample. Our 2nd Generation ATP® Testing provides speed, accurate measurement, insight, and peace of mind.

LuminUltra 2nd Generation ATP® Testing
BugCount® Online

Automate your microbial testing

Take your 2nd Generation ATP® testing to the next level and support swift, informed decision making. Start testing with pre-set testing frequency and establish a maintenance schedule.

Workers reviewing test results in a processing facility.
Passive & automated sampling devices

Take the guesswork out of sampling

We’ve partnered with CEC Analytics to offer industry-leading auto-sampling that can be seamlessly integrated into ATP and qPCR workflows. And our GeneWave passive sampler is a simple, cost-effective way to collect a better, more representative sample.

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Get the most out of your testing plan

Quickly view your results, analyze your system, and identify next steps. Access a convenient dashboard with analytics, graphing, alarms, and sites to be monitored. As a LuminUltra customer, you get free access to this platform.

myLuminUltra app
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