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Our new DNA tools – GeneCount qPCR and NGS

It’s now possible to both quickly and easily identify all microbes in a sample and determine the abundance of specific microbes, with the addition of two new DNA-based products and services – qPCR and NGS.

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) provides users the ability to rapidly screen for specific microbes or groups of microbes that are known to be significant in their process.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides users the ability to see what is happening inside their process by identifying nearly all of the types of microbes present along with insight into what good or harm they may be causing.

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During ship inspections of ballast water, Port State Control (PSC) use our test kit to achieve rapid and accurate results without unduly delaying ships. Ships use our approved and reliable solutions onboard to self-monitor their ballast water by testing a sample prior to arriving in port for inspection.

The Ballast Water Solution includes:

  • LuminUltra (B-QUA) Test Kit
  • Portable Equipment case including PhotonMaster™ Luminometer + Bluetooth Module
  • LuminUltra Cloud™ Data Management & Decision Support Platform complete with:
    • Mobile app for rapidly inputting and managing data
    • Robust analysis and reporting to put you in control
  • LuminUltra Academy – our online training and certification center LuminUltra works with ship operators, labs and PSC who have requirements to test Ballast water for self-monitoring and compliance.
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Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA™)

Using a single analysis, Quench–Gone Aqueous (QGA) provides a rapid and interference–free determination of total microbiological concentration in any filterable water sample with a wide detection range. Use this test kit to perform source-to-tap surveys and characterize complete systems, identify areas of concern, and validate corrective action – all in the same shift!

The QGA test kit is designed for testing Low-Solids Water Samples:

  • Drinking Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Sea Water
  • Purified Water
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QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W™)

QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W) is the key to a new level of efficiency in biological wastewater treatment plant operation! QG21W provides the ability to measure the size of the living biomass population (Cellular ATP, cATP), its relative health (Biomass Stress Index, BSI), and suspended solids activity (Active Biomass Ratio, ABR) at any point in the process. Use this information to manage return sludge pumping rates, air and nutrient dosages, and to proactively identify and eliminate toxicity.

The QG21W test kit is designed for testing Bioreactors & Associated Processes:

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Processes
  • Activated Sludge, Lagoons & MBR’s
  • Raw Influent & Treated Effluent
  • Biosolids, Soils & Attached-growth Media
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QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I™)

QuenchGone21 Industrial (QG21I) accurately monitors total microbiological concentration (and optionally, stress level) in any high-solids industrial process water stream such as papermaking process water and food processing streams. LuminUltra’s advanced reagent system provides an accurate, repeatable, and interference–free quantification of total bioburden on-the-spot, checking for contamination from the process fluids through to the finished product.

The QG21I test kit is designed for testing High-Solids Process Waters:

  • Papermaking Process Waters
  • Pulping Process Waters
  • Food Processing Slurries
  • Process Wash Waters
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QuenchGone21 Specialty (QG21S™)

QuenchGone21 Specialty (QG21S) test kits provide a real–time and complete measurement of total microorganism concentration (and optionally, stress level) in raw materials, intermediates, and finished chemical products. Use this information to identify process contamination and/or spoiled product immediately enabling swift action to be taken to re-work or scrap contaminated product, ultimately leading to shorter production cycles and faster time-to-market!

The QG21S test kit is designed for testing Manufactured Chemical Products:

  • Paints, Coatings & Mineral Slurries
  • Adhesives, Admixtures & Polymers
  • Personal Care Products
  • Household & Industrial Care Products
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Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M™)

Using a single analysis, Quench–Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M) provides a rapid and interference–free determination of total microbiological concentration in any filterable organic fluid or organic-water mixture. Use this test kit to quantify total bioburden in organics–laden samples for rapid assessment of contamination and in conjunction with additional analyses for a complete process microbiological profile.

The QGO-M test kit is designed for testing Low-Solids Organic and/or Water Mixtures:

  • Oilfield Applications
  • Fuel & Associated Water
  • Metalworking Fluids & Lubricants
  • Oily Brines
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Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA™)

The Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA) test kit is designed for the measurement of total biological activity in deposits, on biofilm collection devices, in solid products, and on hard surfaces. The information gained can be used to quickly troubleshoot and optimize a microbial growth control program in multiple applications across all industries.  

The DSA test kit is designed for testing Attached / Sessile Microorganisms:

  • Environmental Hygiene Monitoring
  • Production & Hygienic Surfaces
  • Biofilm Collection Devices
  • Corrosion Products & Slimes
  • Biologically-active Filter Media
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PhotonMaster™ Luminometer

Reliable data starts with a reliable device. Generate your data from the PhotonMaster, a luminometer that is sensitive enough for the cleanest sample, robust enough for the toughest testing environment, and cost-friendly for any budget.

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LuminUltra Cloud™

When you’re in control of your data, you’re in control of your next decision. Collect, analyze, share and create custom reports within one-click through LuminUltra Cloud. Through cloud-based data storage and a suite of mobile apps, you can store and review your data – anywhere, anytime.

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