Case Study: Using ATP to Rapidly Identify Sources of Microbial Contamination in an Electrodeposition Coating Process

What’s inside:

A popular automotive manufacturer had been experiencing issues associated with recurring microbial contamination of its electrodeposition (ED) coating bath, causing issues to the undercoat requiring manual polishing – a costly expenditure of time and money. Their previous testing method took several days, allowing an incubation period for microorganisms while waiting for results.

LuminUltra’s rapid 2nd Generation ATP® testing was used to mitigate this issue. Within a few weeks of its initial launch, operators were able to identify contamination in its early stages and were able to prevent the problem from spreading — which would have cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.

This crucial information allowed for operators to identify the source of the problem, optimize their processes, reduce growth, and prevent the transfer of microorganisms into the ED Paint.

Download the case study to learn more.

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