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Protecting our waterways: how to leverage Microbial Source Tracking for fecal contamination management

Fecal contamination can affect your waterways, resulting in fines, reputational damage, health threats and economic losses from closures. How can you be confident in solving your problem if you’re not sure of the source?

In this webinar learn how to design and implement effective practices for controlling fecal pollution, including:

  • What is Microbial Source Tracking (MST) and how is it crucial to proper risk assessment, management and mitigation
  • How to design and implement a monitoring plan to control contamination and improve water quality
  • Practical advice and takeaways from real-life case studies, including study design guidelines to guide you on how to accurately test for contamination in different applications
  • How to take advantage of innovations in bacteria source tracking technology including digital PCR (dPCR) and direct pathogen detection

About LuminUltra

LuminUltra’s lab services offer industry-leading microbial and pathogen testing. Customers across North America use LuminUltra’s MST services to be able to quickly identify what’s threatening the health and economic well-being of their communities and to inform remediation plans.

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