GeneCount® Voyager Thermocycler

The LuminUltra GeneCount® Voyager thermocycler delivers a powerful quantitative PCR system. Analyze your samples, review the results, and make immediate targeted treatment decisions in as little as 3 hours — from your lab or anywhere.

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LuminUltra’s GeneCount® Voyager delivers high performance quantitative PCR, enabling real-time detection of amplified nucleic acids.

Run analysis on samples, review results, and make immediate targeted treatment decisions based on that feedback, all in as little as 3 hours.

Deploy it at an in-field lab, or use our preservation qKits to ensure the microbial community in your sample remains stable as your samples are brought back to a centralized location for analysis.

The GeneCount® portfolio includes everything you need to complete your molecular testing, including devices, assays, preservation and purification kits

Key benefits

  • Highly flexible system allows for analysis of multiple samples and multiple assays in a single run.
  • Compact and rugged design suitable for portability in the field, and small footprint for lab environments.
  • No internal moving parts and no need for calibration
  • Powerful Windows-based software for data analysis can be run stand-alone on device touchscreen, or through a PC/laptop connected with WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Four fluorescent channels provide multiplex capabilities and support for intercalating dyes, hydrolysis and FRET probes
  • Rapid results in as little as 3 hours (including purifying DNA)
  • Optimized qPCR workflow designed for immediate use out of the box
  • Training and ongoing support from LuminUltra’s product and applications experts
  • Range of available reagent/assay panels available for a variety of targets.

GeneCount® Voyager is CE, RoHS and WEEE Certified.

Additional information





  • GeneCount® Voyager qPCR device
  • Power adapter and power cable
  • WiFi Adapter
  • Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
  • Protective travel case
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • 4-way rotating tube rack
  • Dry bath
  • Centrifuge
  • Magnetic rack
  • Magnetic sleeves
  • Pipets


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All qKit assay kits guarantee robust, repeatable results across diverse industrial samples.

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