How it works

With myLuminUltra, your microbiological data is at your fingertips in minutes, displaying your systems’ operational status so you can immediately take corrective action when necessary.

Simply download the myLuminUltra app on your mobile device, or using your PC and web browser, connect your PhotonMaster using the Bluetooth module, and begin securely collecting and managing testing data.

Easily input, view, edit, and analyze your data, directly from your phone or PC web browser – alerting you to any concerns the system identifies.

Set custom ATP and supplemental data alarms to reflect your own control ranges on which to base process decisions. Receive alerts when new data is collected showing priority alarms, notes from the field, and trend reports that inform you of potential situations before they become problems.

Rapidly analyze your ATP and supplemental data over various time periods, and take preventative action when your location is trending in a direction that needs attention.

Quickly email PDF reports and exported .csv data to colleagues and management whenever necessary. Select from different date ranges to see trends at your test locations.

Plan and enter your testing data according to your specific application and associated sample locations, all organized by site. Manage as many sites as you like and view them all at once in our maps view.

MyLuminUltra dashboard screen

Why use myLuminUltra

When you’re in control of your data, you’re in control of your next decision. With myLuminUltra, your microbial testing results become even more useful as you are able to scale up your decision-making with real-time alerts, decision support technology, and automation.

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