5 LuminUltra milestones for 2022

2022 has been another big year for LuminUltra. We’ve been busy working to prove how little things make a big difference for our customers and partners around the world.

We have a lot to celebrate, as investments in new products, facilities, and scientific knowledge drove innovations that help our partners better manage the impacts of microbiology, which affect us all where we live, work and play.

GeneCount Corrosion Collection expands access to molecular testing

The LuminUltra GeneCount® qPCR Corrosion Collection launched in November, a complete suite of DNA-based monitoring tools to address microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). We call it a “game-changer” for addressing MIC-related challenges in industries such as oil and gas, marine transportation, chemical processing and fuel storage.

This new, simplified workflow expands access to molecular testing by bringing an end-to-end solution, from sampling to quantifiable results.

New U.S. headquarters, Centers of Excellence in Baltimore

Our state-of-the-art U.S. headquarters opened in September, uniting our technology development and distribution teams in Baltimore. The new location includes over 14,000 square feet of space for research, development and logistics activities and is the main shipping hub for all North America. This allows us to improve efficiency and productivity, helping facilitate faster workflow and product distribution to customers around the world.

Our Fredericton facility also continues to expand, including an additional automation robot, “Min,” to accompany our hardworking current robot, “Lou” (get it?).

National recognition for leadership and innovation

LuminUltra’s CEO and Chair, Pat Whalen, was named Water’s Next Business Leader of the Year in Niagara Falls, Ont., and received the OpportunitiesNB Career Achievement Award from the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. LuminUltra was also recognized with the CBDC Large Business award by the chamber for our commitment to innovation, professional integrity and excellence in customer service.

We were also thrilled to receive national recognition as one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers for 2022.

Partnered with CDC for COVID-19 wastewater testing

Our partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the spring of 2022 brought COVID-19 wastewater testing to hundreds of communities across the United States. Data collected from wastewater samples was fed to the National Wastewater Surveillance System, helping communities and the CDC act quickly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Advanced the dialogue on molecular testing

Our Applications Team presented at industry’s leading conferences, demonstrating how LuminUltra’s testing solutions continue to drive innovation in applications such as Legionella testing, mitigating microbiologically influenced corrosion and wastewater treatment optimization.

Association of Water Technology (AWT)

Applications scientist Jeremy Duguay presented, “Validation of a portable qPCR Method for the Detection of Legionella,” showing how qPCR technology can be used for monitoring Legionella in accordance with ISO 12869.

Energy Institute Reservoir Microbiology Forum

Applications scientist Danika Nicoletti presented her paper, “Development and Validation of a Scalable qPCR Solution for Assessing MIC Risk in Oil and Gas Samples,” demonstrating how qPCR can be used to allow for accurate targeted quantification of MIC-related microorganisms in upstream oil and gas samples.

Water Environment Foundation (WEFTEC)

We were recognized for our thought leadership by BlueTech Research, naming LuminUltra’s papers as two of their top 10 presentations at WEFTEC: “Understanding loss of nitrification a refinery wastewater treatment plant using 16S rRNA sequencing” and “Using 16S rRNA Sequencing and Other Advanced Microbiological Tools to Improve Operations at Petroleum Wastewater Treatment Plants.”


LuminUltra Team

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