Airbus distributes In-Service-Information (ISI) bulletin to evaluate BugCount® Fuel

Oct. 10, 2023 – Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. One of the largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, Airbus, has released an In-Service-Information (ISI) Bulletin inviting its operators, as well as those maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) organizations conducing maintenance on Airbus aircraft, to trial LuminUltra’s BugCount® Fuel test kit to evaluate microbiological contamination (MBC) in aircraft fuel tanks.

This ISI has been issued to further support Airbus’s formal evaluation of the test kit and obtain as much operator feedback and test data as possible.

A fast, accurate testing solution to quickly address microbial contamination

For end users, BugCount® Fuel provides a simple, rapid, and highly accurate method for testing for microbial contamination (MBC) within aircraft fuel tanks. This is because the BugCount® Fuel kit leverages LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® technology that has been relied on by industries for over 25 years. The kit’s proprietary design removes potential interferences via a specialized filter, giving results in pg/mL of ATP (rather than total RLUs) all in just 5 minutes. This makes it an appealing option for many aircraft operators and maintenance facilities worldwide, who are looking for a single source test kit suitable for any aircraft testing scenario.

Accurate, reliable results are critical to staying ahead of potential costs and problems associated with undetected MBC.

“MBC within an aircraft fuel tank is one of the frequently known issues that cause significant concern in the aviation industry,” states Airbus. “Growth of the microbial organisms can cause damage to the fuel tank coating and sealant, as well as corrosive damage to the metallic equipment. Gauging systems can be affected by biofilm growth on the fuel probes, which results in malfunctioning and failure. Microbes require water to live and grow, as well as a source of carbon which is provided by the fuel. Biocide treatment and manual cleaning of the fuel tanks require labour and the maintenance activities to decontaminate require several days and are often very disruptive for the aircraft operation.”

By taking part in the proposed Airbus In-Service-Evaluation (ISE), Airbus operators and maintenance providers alike can benefit from a free allocation of BugCount® Fuel products and equipment to facilitate their participation in the trial. Ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be a trial user of BugCount Fuel? Submit your TechRequest to get started and confirm your place in the ISE today.

Learn more about BugCount® Fuel.

LuminUltra Team

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