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ATP Technology, Drinking Water

Application Note: ATP Monitoring in Biologically Active Filters

What’s inside: The tools available to assess biological growth tendencies in

Drinking Water

Application Note: Monitoring a Harmful Algae Bloom Using ATP

What’s inside: Problem: A regional water authority was dealing with an algae bloom

Drinking Water

Case Study: Hospital Water Safety Audit

What’s inside: A site survey of a hospital in Eastern Canada was jointly performed

Drinking Water, Industrial Fluids Treatment

Case Study: Rapid Microbial Assessment Following Case of Legionellosis

What’s inside: A medical retirement home had a confirmed case of Legionellosis and

Drinking Water

Application Note: Identifying Contaminated Groundwater Wells

What’s inside: A U.S. drinking water treatment facility was having difficulty

Drinking Water

ROI Case Study: Optimizing Tank Flushing Using a Rapid Decision-Making Framework

What’s inside: Problem: A municipality experienced water quality issues while

Drinking Water

Case Study: Nitrification in Monochloramine-Treated Water

What’s inside: A water utility in the Midwest USA uses Monochloramine treatment in

Drinking Water

Case Study: Dual Membrane Plant System Audit

What’s inside: The Altona Salt Reduction Plant (ASRP) is a dual membrane plant

Drinking Water

Application Note: Mapping and Identifying the Source of Water Quality Issues

What’s inside: A southern U.S. utility was experiencing water quality issues in a

Drinking Water

Application Note: Monitoring Biological Growth in Membrane Filters

What’s inside: LuminUltra’s rapid microbiological monitoring technology can help

Drinking Water, Wastewater Treatment

Report: Microbial Analysis of Bourbon St. Grey Water

  Content Highlights: A sample of grey water was collected from a small puddle on

Drinking Water

Brochure: Drinking Water

  Content Highlights: This content explains how LuminUltra’s real-time, accurate

Drinking Water

Case Study: Identifying Cross Connections

Learn how a municipality and local service company used LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP

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