Measure. Act. Confirm. All in Minutes.

Easily bring all of your data together.

LuminUltra Cloud allows you to input data of any type through Bluetooth connection, spreadsheet import, or simply typing on your phone.

Organize your data according to specific sites, complete with GPS-tagged sample locations and set up scheduled workflows to share with your colleagues.

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View, edit & analyze data directly from your phone.

When you’re in control of your data, you’re in control of your next decision.

LuminUltra Cloud allows you to easily view and manipulate your data in convenient on-screen tables, as well as to manage alarms and decision support systems that identify when action is required.  And when you want to take a closer look, quickly export data into a spreadsheet.

Save time generating reports.

Our easy-to-use reporting module allows you to automatically email PDF reports to your colleagues on the schedule of your choosing.

All you need to do is set up the report content, schedule, and recipient list, and we take care of the rest.  Select from a wide array of report templates, or request your own custom template!


Secure, instantaneous sharing.

LuminUltra Cloud is built upon best-in-class cloud database systems using secure storage and encrypted data transfer.

This means that not only is your data safe, but collaboration with your colleagues is also real-time.  Share sites along with your sampling programs, data, analytics and notes with colleagues of your choosing by simply entering their email address.


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