On-demand webinar

How to Elevate Your Biocide Control with a Modern Microbial Toolkit

Microbiological threats wreak havoc on a wide variety of industrial processes, resulting in biofouling issues including corrosion and degraded product quality.

Implementing an effective biocide program is critical, but understanding what to treat and when is difficult if you don’t know the specifics of your microbial activity.

In this webinar, we’ll review how to develop and implement an accurate and targeted microbial monitoring program with the use of 2nd Generation ATP, qPCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

What you’ll learn

  • The value of establishing a system baseline using microbial monitoring techniques and the ROI of avoiding costly process interruptions.
  • Strategies, best practices, and a how-to guide for optimizing biocide programs and ensuring long-term success in mitigating microbial threats.
  • The use of advanced technologies like ATP, qPCR, and NGS to quickly identify and quantify problematic microbes such as iron-reducing bacteria, methanogens, sulfate-reducing prokaryotes, sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, and more.
  • The empowering effect of same-day results in enabling timely actions to prevent detrimental impacts on your industrial processes.


Danika Nicoletti
Applications Scientist

Danika Nicoletti specializes in microbial diagnostics for industrial applications, including upstream oil and gas. In this role, Danika focuses on product development, product applications, and thought leadership related to oilfield and industrial microbiology. She has a background in petroleum microbiology research with a focus on microbiologically influenced corrosion and souring and is an active member of industry associations AMPP and IATA.

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