Case study: BQUA PLUS validation for commissioning testing of ballast water management systems

What’s inside:

Ballast tanks within ships are filled with water to provide stability during transportation of cargo. The ballast water that is discharged at the ship’s destination may carry invasive species or pathogens that can disrupt the ecology of delicate marine environments and have substantial environmental and economic impacts. For this reason, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced a Ballast Water Management Convention treaty to implement standards and compliance for ballast water management.

Ankron Water Services GmbH, a marine testing and consulting company, assessed the use of the LuminUltra BQUA PLUS Ballast Water Monitoring Kit for IMO D-2 standard compliance and found it to be a suitable indicative analysis tool for commissioning testing of ballast water management systems (BWMS). The use of this kit will allow Ankron to perform rapid and accurate commissioning testing for BWMSs, avoiding the cost and time needed for excessive detailed analyses.

Download the case study to learn more.

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